What is Missed Call Lead Generation?

January 7, 2022
Missed Call

The basic principle of business observes that businesses stay afloat only if they build strong communication and relation with their customers. The modern era has provided millions of modes of communication to reach a company, including email, chats, social media platforms, phones, webpages, etc.

The traditional way of reaching out is the telephone. With the advent of technological advances, cloud telephony has given a new face to the standard PBX system of business communication accompanied by its various outstanding features like interactive voice responses (IVR), virtual numbers, smart integrations, missed call alerts, etc. Through cloud telephony, it can be confidently said that not only does it benefit the communication & customer relation part of the business, but it also assists in the marketing and sales part as well.

Lead generation can be considered one of the most crucial parts of sustaining a steadfast & emergent business model. Lead generation detects and cultivates potential customers for a company’s services/products. The missed call alert feature of cloud telephony is one of the top contenders in increasing the leads as opposed to the traditional marketing methods of lead generation, such as advertising and phone/email marketing strategies. When missed call alert contributes so much towards lead generation, it is vital to understand what it is and how it works.

What is it & how does it work?

The missed call solution system has been derived from the traditional phone system when it started as a code for communication. The emergence of missed calls came because of the amazing prices of calls when various service providers introduced telephone connections. For every individual, the code might mean something different. One missed call might mean someone has reached their destination, or two missed calls might be coded for consent. But with cloud telephony, the missed call solution was given a contemporary outlook.

The question remains how exactly does the missed call service work? It starts with a particular business getting a virtual number from a cloud telephony service provider and publishing the virtual number/toll-free number on their website or social media platform. The customer can use click to call service to click on the published number, or they can directly dial the number from their phones and instantly get forwarded to the concerned department. Once the customer calls on the business number, the call gets disconnected after just a single ring, like a missed call. The customer’s number remains saved in the database, and the company can respond with an SMS alert or call back to carry forward with the query.

What are the advantages of missed call service?

The missed call service has numerous functionalities & advantages for the company, and lead generation is one of the top benefits which the company reaps.

  • As the customer is the one who gives the missed call to the company, it can be safely derived that the person is already interested in the service/product and only needs a bit of convincing to turn him into a potential customer.
  • The best part about this service is its cost-effectiveness. A missed call service does not incur any extra charges from the customer’s side, for which customers get interested in calling the company more frequently and might also refer the number to their friends and family.
  • The company can relax on the search for leads as the database already provides potential customers with the missed call solution and ensures a systematic, economical and valuable PBX System.
  • The missed call service also saves a lot of time for the customer as they do not need to hold or wait for a representative. Rather, an agent calls them up at their convenience to talk to them.

As the customer gets served on their own time and without spending any money, customer satisfaction can also be guaranteed with missed call solution.


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