How to Train a Call Centre Agent Remotely?

November 30, 2021
Call Centre

Recent times demand the best type of communication available to sustain a business enterprise. While comparing the age-old telecommunication technology to modern-day cloud telephony, we can see that today’s technological advances have made communication independent of human support and have evolved into the most helpful tools even in setting up new workspaces and offices. However, undermining human resources is never a good idea when you want to grow your business. Customers will always want to talk or interact with an actual person, no matter how sophisticated or advanced your telecommunication system might be. Also, when customers talk to real people, it generates more trust towards the company than talking to automated voices. So, hiring good call centre agents is vital as they are the company’s face who relate to the customers daily and build the notion of your company in the customer’s mind.

However, the pandemic has inverted the entire world’s proceedings and any organisation’s traditional management and administration styles. Everything is done remotely now, whether hiring an individual, training them or assigning work to them. Nowadays, both new and deep-rooted entrepreneurial ventures are opting for call center solutions with cloud telephony and other advanced remote resolutions to all of their communication tribulations. The typical call center scenario has also changed to working out of the safety of your home. In such a condition, it is only relevant that a call centre agent should be given the proper training remotely, professionally and appropriately so that they can deliver customer satisfaction even from the comfort of their homes for your business.

Here are a few of the best ideas that will help you understand how to train a call centre agent remotely in a way that helps improve your customer satisfaction rate and ensure that new leads are generated, which helps in the growth of your business.

1. Installing & Educating About Training Tools –

The first thing about training a call centre agent is to facilitate them into the comforts of your stack tools that they will use for various goal achievement and help your business grow. Organizations use multiple devices and software to ensure customer issues are resolved and recorded professionally. The apparatus also allows the agents to provide adequate solutions to problems quickly. Here are a few of the tools that are helpful while training your agent remotely.

  1. Information Managing Tools – These tools help manage all kinds of data and information regarding how to handle a basic call flow so that each customer can be given appropriate solutions.
  2. Teamwork Tools – These tools help a call centre agent seek help from other experienced agents or colleagues if they do not find a satisfactory answer to the customer’s problem.
  3. AI-based Tools – These are automated tools that recommend various solutions as soon as the customer or the agent gives their input for the problem. Some tools are advanced enough to propose solutions by analysing the customer’s tone or the agent.

2. Utilising Call Monitoring Privileges –

Call monitoring is one of the best methods to train your call center agents. It does not matter if you are an upcoming business venture or one of the leading entrepreneurial giants in India; all you need is a cloud telephony service that can help you access the call monitoring feature. If you have no idea how to go about getting it, you can always check out MCUBE, one of the leading cloud telephony services in India, to provide you with this feature. This feature enables you to help your agent in various ways to understand his train flawlessly. You can monitor the calls in three different ways.

  1. Call Barging – In case your agent is not doing a proper job and you feel that some information is not delivered correctly to the customer, you have the option of barging in between the call.
  2. Call Listening – The most effective way of monitoring is listening to the agent’s conversation and the customer and letting your agent know where they have gone wrong.
  3. Call Whisperin – Lastly, monitoring the call while telling your agent what to disclose to the customer without the customer knowing about it in a live call is one of the best ways to get customer satisfaction high.

3. Ensuring Easy Access to CRM Software –

A call centre agent must be acquainted with the CRM software of the company. CRM is the tool that allows the company to improve customer relations and grow profitability. A call centre agent proficient in CRM software will be able to handle all kinds of problems that the customer faces and eventually help in the increase in revenue.

4. Scheduling Training On IVRs and Call Forwarding –

Whenever the customer calls, the first interaction is with your IVR. A piece of good knowledge about all the IVR options and the call forwarding options can help the agent facilitate solutions in a much better way. They are getting an insight into the IVR system of the company can be a very fruitful idea for a new agent.

5. Tracking Call Logs and Instructing Accordingly –

While working remotely, keeping track of all call logs is constructive and crucial. In case of any unresolved problems or discrepancies, it is always advised to solve them immediately and educate your agent about the same so as not to repeat the situation further.


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