How Does an Auto Call Dialer Increase Sales of your Enterprise?

March 23, 2022
Auto Call Dialer

Customer generation and retention are two focal points for a balanced and emergent business work model. Customer service platforms such as contact and call centres contribute immensely towards retaining and boosting customer interest in the company’s services and products. Customer retention can add a moderately increased profit if it is appropriately administered by the agents and using the accurate tools which can help the agents. The influence of the pandemic has undoubtedly been challenging for every industry, but cloud telephony services have effectively helped most businesses to survive with features such as Auto Call Dialer, toll-free numbers, interactive voice response systems, etc. Deployment of autodialers into the contact centres and call centres improves the customer retention rates as well as the efficiency of the agents.

The auto call dialer software is distinguished due to its automation. The software can automatically dial numbers on the list provided for the agents during outbound calls. The intelligent software can also detect whether the call is picked up by an actual person or the dialled number has been forwarded to an answering machine. The Auto Call Dialer can be customised to abide by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which helps avoid the Do-Not-Call (DND) numbers. The auto call dialer also helps reduce the agents’ idle time and maximises the talk time per hour.

Here are a few other ways in which the auto call dialer assists in increasing the sales of your enterprise. 

Empowerment of Call Centre Agents :–

The automation feature of an autodialer service assists the call centre agents to focus more on their sales pitch and relish their job as most of the tedious and monotonous tasks are done by the software. When the autodialer is integrated with the IVR software, it enables and accelerates the calling process and helps in routing the calls to the best-equipped agents. The elimination of monotonous work and the assignment of higher-level work processes empowers the agents, motivating them to work harder and increase productivity. Also, the time saved due to automation increases the satisfaction of both customers and agents.

Improvement of Internal Processes :–

The auto dialer software not only helps in saving the time and money of your enterprise but also improves the internal processes by endorsing automated functions like distribution of customer information to the agents before c

Connecting with the customer, data entry and sharing the data in a centralised database. Duplication of work, wasting time in dialling wrong or dead numbers, agent effort overlap, repetitive calls and an increase in duplicate dialling can be easily avoided through Auto Call Dialer.

Setting up the Pacing Speed :–

The autodialer can be customised to set up the pacing speed for each dialled number, allowing each of your agents or sales agent to reach and influence the leads at their desired speed. Every agent might take a separate interval of time to interact with the lead and turn it into a potential customer. Apart from that, even a routine cold call can be finished by different agents at different times. The time taken for the call to be handled cannot determine the agents’ efficiency, as an agent taking 15 mins on a call might be providing more confirmed sales than an agent spending an average of 5 mins on a call. The latter might be contacting 100 leads on the list, but the former might have a better conversion ratio. The pacing speed feature of the Auto Call Dialer uses a different algorithm to analyse each caller’s call speed which helps in making the best out of each working day.

Keeping Updated Data of Leads :–

Missing out on potential leads due to data mismanagement is a significant problem for any outbound call centre. The manual updating of data can usually lead to missouts or omissions. However, with autodialers, usually, the data is synchronised automatically to the database and can be accessed quickly. The auto call dialer also sets up the process of following up on the numbers with voicemail activations, busy dialer tones and not answered calls. The following up of the leads increases the number of leads which eventually increases the sales conversion rate. It alerts the agent about the DND-activated calls avoiding legal intricacies for the company.

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