What are the Benefits of Cloud Predictive Dialer in Call Centres?

March 9, 2022
Cloud Predictive Dialer

Time efficiency is a necessity for a well-functioned call centre in any business. There is a constant need to reduce the average handling time of calls by each agent so that the overall efficiency of the call centre can be managed. Businesses focus on calling potential and existing customers to announce new deals, introduce discounts, promote services/products, etc. Hence, any growing company highly appreciates call centre solutions that can help boost the time efficiency of agents. A Cloud predictive dialer is the most effective tool when it comes to managing the time efficiency of representatives. Scaling call campaigns by providing autodialers to the agents becomes much easier. Autodialers access the database of the targeted customers and automatically dial the numbers on the contact list in bulk. Once the customer picks up the call, the autodialer can play pre-recorded messages or connect to the IVR where the customer is either given a series of options, or the call is forwarded to an agent. This process eliminates the need for an agent to call each number and saves a lot of time focusing on the sales pitch.

Even though autodialers are effective tools, you need to pick the correct kind of auto dialer for your business requirements. The most common autodialers are preview, power, and cloud predictive dialers. A preview dialer assists agents in viewing the customer information before placing the outbound call to the customer. Real-time access to the customer database helps the agent prepare a better interaction and pitch for sales to the customer. But a preview dialer cannot be used to connect with many customers in a short interval of time. So, a preview dialer makes the calling more result-oriented than running a full-scale marketing campaign. The power dialer is also known as the progressive dialer. A power dialer automatically places an outbound call as soon as the agent ends the current call. So, instead of giving the agent the option to decide if they want to place the call, the power dialer places the call without wasting time, making it more effective than the preview dialer as it increases the number of calls placed by the company. Power dialers minimize the number of abandoned or silent calls to the call centre.

However, the most popularly used dialers in cloud telephony solutions are the predictive dialers. A cloud predictive dialer uses a specified algorithm to decide when an agent will be available to take the next call and can dial multiple telephone numbers simultaneously. This process improves the connection between customer and agent and also helps in enhancing the average handling time of the call centre.

There are several benefits to a cloud predictive dialer, and some of them are as follows:

Effortless Establishment of Framework :–

Predictive autodialer simplifies call centre operations by depleting the right choices whenever necessary. From the assessment of the performance of individual marketing campaigns to generating various reports based on real-time data, the cloud predictive dialer established an effortless framework for productivity and overall revenue regarding considered goals and specified criteria.

Enhanced Agent & Call Flow Efficiency :–

The predictive dialer’s algorithm helps determine the call duration and assign specific agents automatically. This process eliminates the time agents take between calls and makes competitive conditions for the agent, which eventually triggers more sales and profit. Due to the design, companies also deploy enough agents to minimize the abandoned or dropped call ratio. A cloud predictive dialer controls both the dialling rate and speed, enables multiple calls simultaneously, decreases idle time, and increases the agents’ talk time. This directly impacts the agent and call flow efficiency.

Extreme Adaptability to Changes :–

As the predictive dialer is hosted on the cloud, the scalability option for any changes becomes extremely easy. Any update or new changes can be done immediately, and in the rare occasion of any problems arising, they can be dealt with promptly.

Cost- Efficiency in Operations :–

The predictive dialer is in itself a cost-effective tool as it reduces the need for hiring numerous agents to accomplish the same amount of work. There is no need to hire an operator to direct the agent calls as the calls are directed automatically. Also, the predictive dialer does not need a dedicated computer network to function, instead uses your existing network to get the work done. Apart from software, no new hardware or tools must be installed while availing of this service. So, the predictive dialer is a budget-friendly option for any business.

Smooth Integration of CRM Platforms :–

When the predictive dialer is integrated with the CRM platform, it becomes easier to filter out actual customers receiving the calls rather than the calls ending up at answering machines, ‘do not call’ numbers, and unnecessary call routings. Not just the integration with CRM but the integration to the lead management system helps in accessing the database on the customer’s history and sales information. In time, these integrations help develop better sales pitches and marketing practices and determine even the best timing to call the customers.

Prioritising Customer Satisfaction :–

Cloud Predictive dialer resolves issues like calls going unanswered or different agents calling the same client at the same time. The predictive dialer’s automation helps keep a streamlined and systematic call flow even during the highest number of calls with the least possible human errors. Cloud predictive dialers can also schedule the calls for the agents so that the customer does not get irate with untimely calls. This enhances customer satisfaction enabling sales to go up.

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