Challenges and Opportunities of Cloud Telephony

September 16, 2021

Obligation and opportunities of cloud telephony

Whereas cloud is spotted as the continuous drive towards excellence in new business dynamics, there is some constant challenges cloud, especially cloud telephony in India, needs to face from the beginning. Yet, rising on challenges, the cloud has embarked on a journey of fueling 1100 megawatts of energy transmission.

Industry challenges or industry chain diversification

The main challenges once cloud faced the industry challenges or industry chain diversification. Industry 4 was on its birth, and the power shift theory was still underwater. With the days of changing landscape, the top leaders lead the development that becomes a part of History. Adopting cloud was first a decision to break the conventional system or evaluation of traditional PBX as a mixture of prudence and pragmatism. Cloud was just an approach aiming for the sky, whereas the beauty of the cloud is for the industry; it can make industry noticeable on every street corner.

Expanded market dynamics

But within this hope to reach every street corner while touching the sky with the expanded market dynamics is interrupted by some knowledge on cloud telephony such as SMB’s only can get benefitted by cloud. Cloud: especially cloud telephony should be set up only for avoiding infrastructure set up, workforce management, remote workforce handling, and cost-saving benefits. Steadfast as steel; resilience; which is an inherent part of cloud’s DNA, allowing the group to transform every real-world business challenge into opportunities. Leaving behind the false micro theories, the cloud is adopted to turn challenges into opportunities for partnering change, powering ahead that pushes companies towards self-reliance. Master of excellence in a period of uncertainty is the reason cloud is adopting for.

Evolving knowledge on cloud

The period of uncertainty is both a challenge and opportunity for every cloud service in India, be it on cloud telephony, cloud computing, cloud database, and every cloud burst! Some products are positioned in premium segments, whereas some are valuable for many segments. The premium segment will drive the growth; the value is a wide segment where IT has never been before in a big way. Cloud with all its communication upliftment, analytical features, and digital-driven growth, pioneering the future and removing time-blocking obstacles. This is how evolving knowledge on the cloud is constantly gearing off a new ride.

Consumer behaviour and preferences have witnessed an iconic shift since the inception of the pandemic. Today, a consumer will connect with a brand organically, which is humane in communicating. Brands with purpose at their core are likely to see 2X growth and a 175% increase in brand valuation with a lower sense of purpose. The emerging technology is helping start-ups face real-world challenges; the cloud is shining bright with a critical performance parameter. This is the top-down theme of the cloud with its features like call tracking, call analysis, call recording to deliver not just the right product to the right customers but through a proper way where perfection is more than an obsession to some top industry leaders.

Whatever the challenges cloud faced, such as micro conception about its utilization, cloud shifts itself to doors of million dreams. The concept of juxtaposing traditional, orthodox communication to PBX, PBX to evaluated PBX, and evaluated PBX into cloud telephony grows with the conception of not to delight clients; but to serve with the right thing in the form of business venture for a lifetime. This is the prime theory for any growing industry segment; serving people with the right thing through a door to show respect for individuals and run through a path of excellence that is not a specification but a habit.


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