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How businesses can use cloud telephony to fight covid-19 impact

October 16, 2020

Corona virus outbreak is on an exponential reach worldwide and poses a devastating impact on people’s lives, mental health, business, and the country’s economy. Still, there is a silver lining: the cloud communication sector may help many companies as most of the workforce is made to remain indoors and work remotely. Many cities, states and also some countries have moved into lockdown. Cloud telephony can aid their businesses to resist covid-19 impact and stay floating throughout the lockdown.

Let us look into how cloud telephony can aid and promote the different sectors in this crisis period and help humanity survive this pandemic outbreak. Coming to the healthcare sector, it is more than ever that everyone worldwide needs their healthcare sector to function at its best. Provide excellent services to fight covid-19 impact and suppress this outbreak.

Both healthcare facilities and government agencies can use employee toll-free number helplines and missed call services. That allows patients or persons from any location to contact these facilities. To get an inquiry or information about their condition to the authority to save their lives and others. These services will help people’s healthcare units and government agencies curb this pandemic to save lives in this scenario. Analyze their situation, condition and take proper measures for the betterment of the people. Also, for emotional support, a counselling helpline can be set up to help in people’s mental health.

During the lockdown situation, many daily wage workers and needy people are at risk of survival with no food and money in their hands. To help those people, different NGOs are working towards this, but the main problem they face is getting to know these needy people. To overcome this problem, these NGOs and also governments agency can employ toll-free numbers. Cloud telephony enables businesses to integrate toll-free numbers with different mobile numbers and cloud telephony features, transferring calls between other people based on the location of the possible call. It decreases the burden on NGOs and volunteers who are available nearby and can provide the services.

Customer service is an essential part of many businesses. Most businesses are working remotely or at home. Cloud telephony can perform a significant role in setting up call center services in the cloud. Employees can access these services just mare needs, such as a computer or laptop, mobile phone and a stable internet connection. Cloud telephony features such as call recording, call analytics, IVR, Call log reports, integration with CRM, auto attendant, call transfer,call reports & analytics, click to call, etc., will ease executives to carry out both inbound outbound services.

With nationwide lockdown during the pandemic situation put a lot of burden on food and grocery delivery services. These companies are flooded with a large number of inquiry calls. Cloud telephony provides a single dashboard platform to manage multiple calls wherein all calls are recorded. So that businesses don’t miss any parts, and if the issue continues, then calls can be directly raised as a ticket. These tickets can be allotted to executives as per requirement and taken care of.

Cloud telephony can aid businesses with a marketing, sales, support department or get significant call traffic. Cloud telephony benefits these businesses by allowing remote access to uninterrupted communication with both users and companies.

MCUBE is one of such cloud telephony platforms that provides communication services hosted in the cloud. It grants a user-friendly and intuitive platform that is simple to understand. It offers excellent support to users and implements state of the art security to protect sensitive organizational data.

COVID-19 has affected tons of businesses. We can assume it to have a profound economic impact on multiple industrial domains. Social distancing is the most beneficial move to tackle this pandemic responsibly. Working from home is a tremendous possible measure right now to keep the business up and to run. Empower your business with cloud telephony and deliver the best possible outcomes in a crises situation.



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