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MCUBE’s Cloud Telephony Service – A Best Product!

September 17, 2020

Are you looking to get a cloud telephony service? If yes, you are reading the right blog as we provide you with world-class call management services through our outstanding product MCUBE. It was designed to offer better business calls efficiency and to improve the communication technology capabilities of organizations. First, let us know about MCUBE by getting the information regarding its various products.

MCUBE Flagship Products

It is a great idea to opt MCUBE for managing business calls as you can take advantage of MCUBE’s several products, which are mentioned below:


It aids in redirecting customer-related calls and enhances organizational productivity customer experience through generating various algorithms. You will get a complete Inbound & Outbound call center on the cloud as well as customizations such as surveys & feedback’s, phone number masking, Ad ROI tracking, and many more.

Advantages of MCUBE for Businesses

There are numerous advantages for using MCUBE for business; a few of them are mention below :-

  • Provides Personalized Customer Experience :- As we all know, connecting with the customers is crucial for every business to grow, so MCUBE offers a personalized customer experience. All calls are sent to the free executive based on customizable algorithms. With the help of this outstanding product, you can also reduce the customer waiting period through its innovative algorithms and therefore, it grants extraordinary service experience.
  • Offers the opportunity to measure & track customer Service :- For a successful organization, it is necessary to measure and track customer services to quickly figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the services you provide to the client. MCUBE offers more than 145 analytical reports, which helps in providing insights of customer services.

“Experts also states that call management services have improved customer retention by giving the insights of the call recordings.”

  • Helps in Enhancing the agent’s productivity :- Numerous people in business spend a large amount of money to increase their organization’s productivity and raise minimum productivity even after spending a high value. But things are the opposite with MCUBE as it enhances productivity at an affordable price. Your team members can stay mobile and connect with callers from wherever they are comfortable with our product.

Through quality checks, one can get the exact idea of positive and negative agent performance, which assists in both correcting and rewarding. Moreover, you can get several algorithms to manage and distribute the calls for increased customer productivity.

  • Escalates Profitability :- While running a business you must use intelligent options which assists in minimizing the media spends to raise profitability which is possible with MCUBE as you can quickly compute the leads per media and calculate ROI for media spend. Moreover, it also aids organizations in distinguishing between performing & non-performing media through analytics.

“With the help of MCUBE, various Real Estate organizations have reduced their spend by 20%.”

  • Aids in solving the customer’s issues :- At times, the situation gets complex and it is hard to solve the customer’s issue, which results in breaking the image among the customers and increasing the chance of losing their trust in the company. By recording the conversations of every incoming call, you can quickly solve the issues with the facts. It will offer consumers the best picture of your company and become your brand loyal.

Winding Up!

Thus, MCUBE’s cloud telephony service can quickly help in efficiently boosting your business. So, don’t think twice before scrutinizing the internet facility and contacting us as we care for your business, for which we inexpensively offer our marvellous services.




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