The Digital Next: Future of Cloud Telephony Market in India

September 22, 2021
Cloud Telephony Market in India

It is not about the next-door opportunity or the trillion-tree project. It is not about an escalator in the growth spectrum of business in India; it is all about to signify a constraint like time and stakeholders. Cloud is considered the communication lifeblood of business with all its features; it highlights the pure attention of every clients/ business stakeholder to any organization and is the main reason for the business growth. Whenever the consumers’ choice changes day by day due to lockdown and sustainable development becoming essential for business, the cloud adds the ‘Human Diary’ to internal and external stakeholders. That is the final and purest form of growth within a tiny or wide world.

Digital India with Cloud: Take off a New Start! 

Digital India is blooming now. With all its forms, such as cloud computing, cloud databaseand cloud telephony, the cloud will remain in India’s IT landscape. Let us traverse back to the timeline when there is an orthodox communication unable to fulfil the high need of business at the earlier stage. Then it comes to PBX, PBX to evaluated PBX or PDX, PDX to cloud telephony with all its spurring features. In the future, with the evaluation of both structured and unstructured data, the cloud will be evaluated more because, at the NOW time, data is the new oil for business, where the cloud is the engine for growth to take off a fresh start.

Cloud with Cloud Telephony: Security and speed up catalyst 

In this springing time of cloud, especially in cloud telephony or hosted PBX that is universally used in every vertical not just limited to real estate, hospitality, education; but also, other sectors such as entertainment, logistic, any communication platform for B2B and B2C. It is mainly because to convert CAPEX into OPEX; but in the future, IoT will transform with a security and speed-up catalyst in a channeling network. As per statistics, every day, more than 10 million structured data is generated in India, and there cloud telephony in India will not only be used for customer phone masking, ensured privacy; rather IoT, which is the central theme of cloud; will progress not just the security purpose; speed up the volume of both structured and unstructured data, strengthening business segmentation, enhanced level of collaboration. No top industry leaders want to compromise with 100X growth with a specific duration; they increase the speed towards the goal on cloud steroids. It will drive further with the post lockdown period, with the changing industry verticals, changing consumers’ choices, changing times where growth is only the constant. The 5G network in India proves IoT modulation, and the cloud is spurring, especially for cloud telephony in India.

The format modulation with human touchpoint 

The other driving factor of the cloud is the AI in everywhere concept. The AI adds a human touchpoint, especially in the healthcare or hospitality sector. The highly demanding AI is tremendously used in the healthcare sector within the COVID period. India, especially the rural India network, will always need AI in healthcare and so many other verticals as Rural India is still deprived of the privileged chances of urbanization. Cloud telephony is also modulated with so many linguistically formatted ways; the features already add on with new benefits, not limited to IVRScall tracking, call management, call analytics, autodialer to reach at every hand in need in the moment of need. The format modulation with linguistical value and added benefits to touch Rural India in a period of AI will continue. This is the reason cloud is highly adopted for small businesses, SMBs and large enterprises. The crisis is the catalyst for every business leader and the cloud.

The main reason for adopting cloud in an earlier stage was when people considered cloud telephony as cloud computing when the communication was not springing high. Still, the vision behind adoption is to sustain the cloud with a 10:10 strategy. Cloud would not have come to mind even for the 10 minutes if it could not support for the next ten years. Now, going beyond the 10:10 strategy, in a world of hype VS hope, the cloud will remain at the business skyline like a journey through the cloud.


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