How is Cloud Telephony Helping Real Estate Business to Get Customer Engagement?

September 22, 2021

The current scenario of real estate is ‘Future calls’ towards Industry 4 amongst all verticals, yet it is running towards a power struggle now. The pandemic saw a downturn in this industry segment, but it is now ready to take the gear off mode within all dilemmas. Turning the catastrophe into strength, the Indian Real Estate sector is expected to grow more in the post-pandemic era. The growth rate will change drastically if the FDI policy changes; the government will need the infrastructure for industrial and commercial property and property development with the changing rate of the Foreign Direct Investment with the increasing hike of export-import ratio. Though the world is now following sustainable fashion into business and work from home becomes a norm; the demand for residential property and commercial building witnessed an apparent lowered down mode, yet the industry –infrastructure is not changing. The market dynamic is shifting towards a more decisive shift, and the real estate sector is about to see a blooming growth as its magic lies onto other business sectors. With the development of IT, logistics, E-Commerce, start-ups, or any industry segment, real estate will eventually grow with its infrastructural giant.

With Cloud: When the growth is obvious!

Cloud is a growth factor of real estate if the IT landscape is continuously changing in India and diversification is witnessed, which started ten years back. India is the gold mine for foreign MNCs as still; the third world country holds enormous workforce or workforce availability, material availability with massive demand. Not only infrastructural, workforce facilities; India is an excellent marketplace for international products and operations. If FDI increases in India, new MNC’s are opening in India; the real estate sector is flourishing with growth with the changing IT dynamics. IT is evaluating in India just like cloud telephony, earlier known as PBX, PBX to PDX or estimated PBX. It then turns into cloud telephony in India with many operations and communication features, evolving with time. As long as Cloud will take an evolving zone, IT will flourish with IoT or evaluated IoT; be it in cloud telephony or cloud computing or cloud database; the software export or multiple application development will see a new era with the AI age and commercial infrastructure or the demand of commercial infrastructure will grow with the newly founded domestic start-ups or MNCs or with the process of internationalization, it will increase with policy and time.

Urbanization: Another reason to grow real-estate with Cloud

If we divide our civilization with four discoveries, such as the decade of steam engine invention, period of electricity invention, the computer age, the fourth will be, of course, AI-powered vertical. The most benefit of AI holds on to the Indian Healthcare sector where once proper treatment was only urban people’s privilege. The rural database is stored, collected, and analyzed with AI, and rural areas get a touch of Urban care. With this urbanization move, it is expected to transform underdeveloped areas with the touch of IT scenarios. Real estate will bloom again with the evolution of the system in different locations. Logistics or e-commerce is spreading in each corner of India; online delivery has become a known term now. With process transmission, the new industry with multiple sectors with multi-millions of infrastructures and infrastructural need is riding on a horse where the dark horse is Cloud.

The intersection of cloud telephony: Why CIOs prefer Cloud in real-estate vertical

The main facility of the Cloud is its capability of storing data. Whereas more than ten million data is generated every hour, including structural and unstructured data, the data storage capacity with the security and record maintenance in circumstance allowed a fresh inflow inside the business. Second, and the obvious is the communication lifeline allows data storytelling that provides a value-added service.

Another obvious benefit that makes Cloud look beyond obvious is its problem identification capacity. Industry can quickly identify the hindrance within one dashboard to see the records or analytics or duration of waiting- time or response or any agenda. It is essential for enhancing customer experience and product development; in the real-estate scenario, it is project development as per demographic location, psychological factors, cultural diversity; essential points to keep in mind before developing a project for both residential and commercial purposes.

Rest apart, IVRSlead management system, call recording, call tracking nurtures a real-estate business from starting to never-ending ways. Real estate will grow as long IT takes a walk-through with Cloud.


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