What is making cloud telephony the front line essential for businesses?

September 13, 2021

Before we get started with the topic that is the reason behind the unmatched popularity of cloud telephony, let’s discuss a bit fundamental about cloud telephony. So, cloud telephony works on cloud technology; it provides a better solution to businesses to replace their conventional hardware phone system with the hosted solution. Cloud telephony solution offers an abundance of amenities to handle a wide array of business communication at a pretty low expenditure and almost zero maintenance cost. Plus, there is no required to install any extra hardware, and the whole implementation process for cloud telephony takes very little time.

Now without spending any time, here are the reasons why the latest cloud technology-based hosted business communication solution is the frontline essential for businesses-

1- A trusted tool for customer connect

Cloud telephony provides toll-free numbers to give businesses a reliable and accessible source to connect with customers.

Note- Toll-free numbers are the telephone numbers that can be dialed from mobile and landlines.

The best thing about a toll-free number is that customers who connect with the business through this number for service inquiries or other support don’t have to pay anything. Hence, the customers are always encouraged to contact the industry. It drives the lead engagement and also supports the brand building.

The efficiency of a toll-free number for businesses is not limited to just a free-off cost connection channel between customers and business, but it also helps in the below-given scenarios-

· Toll-free numbers allow businesses to reroute their inbound calls to multiple numbers available for sales executives. Hence it creates a way to better and faster handling of each call, which adds in the business value as a significant increase in lead engagement and response rate for every inquiry.

· With free cost calling numbers, businesses get increased inbound calls, which factually ensures a steady increment in business sales. Hence, the business gets desired deals and clients.

2- The call rerouting is always accurate with multilevel IVRS

IVRS (Interactive voice response system) is considered one of the most substantial parts of cloud telephony. It has the capacity of single-headedly handling customer inquiries and other service-related information delivery. Multilevel IVRS simplifies customer interaction by providing input selections, and based on the selected inputs through mobile/landline keypads, the calls are rerouted to the concerned authorities. Thus, eliminating any human interaction in-between the process, which saves time for both executives and customers.

Apart from the feature as mentioned above of IVRS, it has additional service offerings-

· It allows the caller to retrieve information like account balance, available plans, and schedules by selecting input from the keypad, which is as simple as anyone can do.

· Advanced IVR system supports integration with cloud tracking services, enabling businesses to track inbound calls easily.

· Additionally, businesses can use their pre-recorded greetings and hold tunes for the inbound callers and can use it away for business advertisement for promotional events.

3- Live caller-tracking is now possible with cloud telephony’s tracking feature-

By installing cloud telephony to the business communication system, businesses can track their caller details like the number on which the call is made, the real-time location from where the call is made, name and email id of the caller, and the source details from where the call is made, for example, whether it is a direct call or IVR or through any digital marketing campaign.

Apart from live-caller tracking, it has additional services like-

· It’s essential to keep in touch with the customer, leads, and business clients; it makes them feel valued from the business perspective and helps the business branding. Cloud telephony’s follow-up reminder helps businesses to do so.

· The call recording feature supported by cloud telephony’s tracking solution helps businesses record their inbound calls and retrieve them anytime. This call recording can be categorized based on varieties of criteria like call time, date, executive/agent name, etc.

4- Cloud telephony service package comes with advanced lead and support management system-

The advanced lead management system supported by the cloud telephony solution allows businesses to do the lead assignment professionally by creating different lead handling groups like sales, support, and account groups and assigning lead accordingly.

Like the Cloud Telephony, support management also has significant weightage for business brand building by providing customers better responses towards their queries and service inquiries.

With the latest hosted support system, businesses can –

· Keep Track of the customer’s queries and solutions provided accordingly.

· Optimize the workflow.

· Track all support activities handled.


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