What is the role of IVR in improving agent efficiency ?

May 2, 2023

Interactive Voice Response is MCUBE’s classic tool for a business in developing robust brand awareness for a business. The software plays a crucial role in improving agent efficiency in several ways. The customer experience with your brand can be made or broken by first impressions.

An interactive voice response (IVR), frequently the first point of contact for customer assistance, is crucial to first interactions and continued client engagement. It is responsible for locating, classifying, and directing calls to the most suitable resource. You must grasp the fundamentals of IVR technology and put plans in place to take full use of its potential if you want to get clients off to a good start and lead them on a delightful, seamless trip.

Fortunately, several strategies to boost call centre productivity will benefit customers. Also, this should help increase total consumer contentment, boosting client loyalty.

Let’s look at a few ways in which IVR improves agent efficiency:

Ways IVR can improve agent efficiency:

Automating routine tasks:

VR can automate tasks such as gathering basic information from callers, answering frequently asked questions, and routing calls to the appropriate department or agent. This reduces the number of calls agents must handle, allowing them to focus on more complex and high-priority issues.

IPrioritizing calls:

IVR can help prioritize calls based on the urgency of the issue. For example, callers with urgent issues can be routed to agents with the highest skill levels, while less urgent calls can be routed to agents with lower skill levels or handled by automated systems.

Streamlining call routing:

IVR can route calls to the most appropriate agent based on the caller’s needs, skills, and availability. This ensures that agents are not overwhelmed with calls outside their expertise and that customers receive prompt and accurate responses to their queries.

Providing self-service options:

IVR can provide self-service options that allow customers to access information, make payments, or perform other tasks without speaking to an agent. This reduces the workload on agents and allows customers to resolve issues quickly and conveniently.

Redefines Agent Efficiency:

Your KPIs must change if the roles of your agents are shifting to place a greater emphasis on their talent and intellect. A simple illustration is the amount of time agents require to complete more complicated calls you’ll undoubtedly discover that a measure like average handle time is insufficient to provide the information you require.

Routing calls to the right agent:

IVR can route calls to the appropriate agent based on the caller’s needs, reducing the need for agents to transfer calls or waste time on calls they can’t handle. We can link to CRM systems that save customer information using modern IVRs. The customer’s data is visible to agents on their screens.

The company’s assets are its highly valued customers. As a result, the IVR gives their calls a priority and routes such important calls to knowledgeable operators. Better caller experience and improved customer service are the results.

Pre-screening callers:

IVR can pre-screen callers and gather information about their needs before the call is connected to an agent. This can help agents to prepare for the call and provide more efficient and effective service.

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Providing information to callers:

IVR can provide callers with information such as account balances, order status, or frequently asked questions without needing an agent. This can save agents time and allow them to focus on more complex issues.

Analyze IVR data for valuable insights:

You’re not using your present IVR system correctly if you’re not continuously learning from it. IVR systems provide a tonne of data that can provide crucial insights into your consumers behavior, what they like and dislike, and how your IVR design might be improved. Working with a specialized IVR provider, such as MCUBE, will make it easier to access this data, enabling you to improve your IVR over time and boost its performance.

Provide a call-back option in the IVR system:

Offering clients a call-back option through your IVR system is frequently a great idea if you have significant wait times without needing customers to wait in line for a long time. This enables customers to go about their day knowing that one of your representatives will answer their call in a predetermined amount of time.

Callbacks are a common queue management method and show how your IVR system can be used wisely. Incorporating them into Chatbots and other self-serve channels is another option. Customers can do this without ever picking up the phone or using the IVR menu to request a callback at a convenient time.

Ensure your IVR is user-focused:

IVR systems that are user-focused and intended to enhance service quality should be the goal of all organizations, but far too many are only created to reduce expenses. At MCUBE, we believe IVR can and should be used to enhance user experience and cut costs.

Contact a specialist IVR provider:

Working with a specialized IVR provider is the fastest and most effective approach to enhancing your IVR and relieving pressure on agents. At MCUBE, we have over a decade of experience collaborating with B2B brands in the public and private sectors.

We have spent our precious time inventing cutting-edge technology that facilitates agents work because we know their difficulties. You can only get the insights, experience, and expertise from working with a specialized IVR provider.


IVR can help to reduce call volume, route calls more efficiently, provide pre-screening and information to callers, and provide 24/7 availability.

By reducing agents workload and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks, IVR can improve agent efficiency and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Consider connecting with MCUBE. The organization offers specialized IVR solutions for B2B brands who want to fully utilize cloud telephony. IVR, in our opinion, is more than just a means of saving money. Instead, it’s a potent tech for customer service that enhances user satisfaction and lowers contact center costs.

An interactive response system (IVR) is a technology that keeps developing, adapting, and demonstrating its value. As AI develops rapidly, it will undoubtedly play a significant role in all future effective customer support systems.

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