Why is cloud telephony-based call centre software better than a PBX solution

July 28, 2021
cloud telephony-based call centre software

India continues to connect, smartly!

Going back a few decades, establishing an organization starts with the PBX and LAN-Cabling. Further, each desk would keep a phone connected to the central PBX whereas, the PBX connected to the world with Digital or Analog trunks. Today, the PBX -Cable started disappearing with the increasing adoption of VoIP whereas the same LAN cable was used for voice transport. The PBX for internal communication is dead today. But it is not completely true. PBX is going through a transformative evolution period, and it emerges with two core functionality such as enterprise connectivity and enterprise efficiency. The enterprise efficiency is linked in a Big Data environment, the PDX helps enterprises control their external communication, identifying critical situations, and thereby keeps the workforce under control. All becomes possible with the help of cloud-based call centre software.


Today, the devices sense the environment, take information from the surroundings, and react or adapt to the changing situation. The absorbed information needs to be transported to a processing center. Based on the analysis of the processing center, actions can be initiated. These actions could be in turn alarm individuals, calls, relay motion etc. The PBX or the transformed PDX can act as the platform for having a seamless integration of all components. The PDX serves as one device that provides this connectivity. To elaborate on this, cloud telephony-based call centre software is one of the practical scenarios where connectivity happens!

Call Centre Voice Processing

With the advent of increased online activities, companies are increasingly asking help from call center for being the face of the organization. The importance of grooming the call center agents to represents the brand along with the monitoring is overly critical. Manual monitoring sometimes results in the doubling of required human resources that results in an additional 30-40% workforce. Fortunately, the parallel advancement of technologies like AI, ML, and Natural Language Processing is rising. That resulted in an intelligent system in a PDX environment that can overcome workforce difficulties.

Today, the conversations of agents are recorded and processed by the latest cloud-based call centre software. The processing can include the identification of multiple elements like Greetings, Regulatory Announcements in all the call centre software in India. The analytics is drawn for further processing based on this recording. Further, based on the analysis, decisions like training or shifting to another department can evolve.

Profiling with Big Data:

There is a time to take one more step further to profile the agents based on Big Data Processing. Further information such as,

Call information: Duration, Date, Disposition, Time

HR Information of Agents: Age, Education, Demographics, Experience

Customer Profile from CRM: Age, Education, Demographics, Payment History

Based on the above analysis, clustering operations can be carried out to identify interesting patterns. Once interesting patterns are identified and drawn, they can be used for the future design of processes.

Examples of such patterns are

Pattern- Customers purchases more when the agent and customer belong to the same age group.

Design of Process- Identify the customer from the calling number, pick up his/her age from the CRM database and route the calls to the agents with a similar age group.

Example -2

Pattern- the products get purchased more from young graduates during the time between 7 PM to 8 PM. It is possible that they are employed and therefore during the day, they will be engaged in their workplace.

Design of Process- Calls to graduates should be ties between 7 PM to 8 PM

The possibilities such as big data analysis are immense and a PDX environment creates a nice platform with the help of cloud telephony-based call center software. Today, the fundamental duty of the IT department is to study the IP PBX environment and its transformation into the PDX environment. Cloud telephony-based call center software is the weapon with its open-source tools such as python speech recognition, Asterisk ™, etc. Designing new tools for efficient collaboration of enterprise islands will surely improve the overall efficiency of the organization.


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