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Do toll-free numbers help in brand building?

July 19, 2021

Forging ahead into a connected future!

2021, followed by 2020 has been a tough year- for individuals, leaders, companies, and even countries. Everything starts becoming virtual in the new normal. As India adjusted to the new normal condition, digital infrastructure including telecommunication networks and services, has emerged as the lifeline and the backbone of the economy.

Toll-Free Number is the core differentiator!

The toll-free number is the need of the hour in India, irrespective of the nature of business. The technology uses a virtual number to connect various departments and locations and provides various call management features. Traditionally business was restricted only to the family business. Communication used to happen over a landline phone and a single call can be attended with one device. The portability of missing the call was higher.

Looking at the current scenario, a business must reach its audience beyond one city. There is another core benefit that lies inside ‘Toll-free number’ which makes business more accessible to customers. Businesses need to have a point of contact for their customers and at the same time handle multiple calls. Not just the portability and enhanced customer service, toll-free numbers support both company and clients to build trust and credibility. It is cost-effective in a way because callers do not need to spend anything to dial in a toll-free number.

So, the main advantages of the toll-free number are,

It offers Portability

Toll-free numbers allow businesses for retaining the old number to receive their business calls.

Enhanced Customer service

Enterprise uses the toll-free number for enhancing their customer service to stay in touch with their existing customer base. It also makes it easy or convenient for new customers to reach their products/services.

Significant cost reduction

As discussed, toll-free numbers enable customers to reach out to your organization without any cost.

Improved Trust and Credibility

Toll-free numbers are one of the smart ways for businesses for setting up their presence. Toll-free numbers help the business to extend its presence while building solid credibility. Automatically, a business can gain more trust from customers as they can call the organization in a remarkably effective without incurring any long-distance call charges.

Penetration of the internet in the business has given birth to lots of e-commerce platforms.; which is growing rapidly with the help of toll-free numbers. Today, toll-free numbers become the single pane of glass for large and small enterprises as a solution portfolio for many of their customers.




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