How can cloud telephony help industrial relations boost up?

October 22, 2021
cloud telephony

Technology has changed our lives in many ways, mainly how people communicate in the modern workplace. Nowadays, communication between employees has become fast and instantaneous. Technology also keeps our business organized. One such boon is cloud telephony. Many companies are switching from traditional telephony to Cloud Telephony Services for the attributes they possess.

Generally, Cloud telephony is internet-oriented data communication. A third-party operator outside the organization mainly hosts it. Cloud telephony is commonly called cloud calling. It allows organizations to run business phone systems using internet connections. There are many cloud telephony providers across the globe. Cloud telephony ensures stable and efficient communication among the employees within the organization.

Organizations use cloud telephony extensively for the wide variety of benefits it provides as 

Increasing solutions flexibility –

Unlike traditional telephone systems for business, cloud telephony provides immediate voice and messaging service for Call Forwarding System, inbound calls, outbound calls, call transfers or call conferences at the touch of a button. Most importantly, it enables businesses to switch between solutions and plans as they need to.

Integrating seamlessly with existing platforms – 

The software-based world of cloud telephony can be added to any computer application, integrating easily with an existing call centre of customer relationship management platforms. Therefore, calling becomes a native feature of the software already in use rather than a separate system. It makes it much more comfortable for teams to work together and coordinate how they manage customers or projects through voice calls, instant messaging, sharing files, or scheduling meetings under the broader UC framework.

Scaling faster for growth – 

Cloud telephony can scale far more quickly to meet business growth. Small businesses can start with one or two users before adding more users or locations when the time is right. Growing organizations need to stagger the costs, pace outgrowth accordingly, and strike the right balance between efficient and expansion use of existing resources.

Enhancing responsiveness and mobility – 

Cloud telephony allows a more efficient platform to keep everyone connected and working off a similar page regardless of time zones or places. This is important for sales teams and other “road warriors”: a global direct routing infrastructure with low latency and robust connectivity allows teams to take calls and manage leads no matter where they might be at any provided period. While essential VoIP solutions may also grant that sort of always-on access, cloud telephony brings to the table a quality of service that assures teams don’t miss critical data because of lag or connectivity issues – a crucial part when dealing with urgent matters across various locations.


With cloud telephone solutions, security is handled by the provider, for whom you pay a monthly service fee to operate the equipment. Hence, the maintenance and security responsibilities are put into the hands of trained, dedicated professionals specialising in areas. There are constant checks against unusual activity. The system will lock down automatically if any suspicious is found.

Voice Broadcasting 

Voice broadcasting lets you send your custom voice message to hundreds of individuals, which can be possible customers automatically and immediately. It also enables you to instantly connect with consumers in several languages and get your messages across with minimal human intervention.

Provides many Functionalities 

Cloud telephony helps take care of business issues. With the feature of voice messages, sending an email, Call Forwarding Solution, call recording, Call Tracking Software Services, etc. Therefore, you and your team members have a better handle on overall business communications. You have a record of everything, which can be accessed for reference or issue redressal at any time.


Natural disasters can damage your traditional telephony system, whereas the cloud is less prone to such calamities. Cloud keeps the information safe and can be accessed when required.


All modern businesses are using cloud Telephony for the wide range of advantages they possess. Cloud telephony can transform businesses in more ways than one. As the technology continues to develop, it should also pave the way for more advanced capabilities in communications infrastructure – Automation, Analytics, Reporting, Monitoring, Training and in-built global compliance features.

It also helps improve the relationship between an employee and employer. It can help industries in many ways, such as call recording for training and monitoring, call routing to all users with equal distribution, etc., which can ultimately help an entire organization grow.

Voice calls have started moving away from traditional switchboards to cloud-based communications, and a seamless voice communication experience run on the cloud will soon be expected as an everyday norm.


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