Cadabams Casestudy | MCUBE

Cadabam’s Hospital

Cadabam’s Hospital has been a safe haven for people suffering from psychiatric problems since 1992. Offering their patients with the best-in-class infrastructure and state of the art equipment …..

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Backson Casestudy | MCUBE

Backson Homeopathic Medical Hospital

A sphere beyond technology, the journey with MCUBE’S cloud all center is to add a value-based approach to ensure patient safety, health, and well-being in a long-term ratio. This is how the healthcare industry…..

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Ramaiah Casestudy | MCUBE

Ramaiah Memorial Hospital

In response to the distancing requirements enforced by COVID-19; Ramaiah Memorial Hospital has made significant use of MCUBE’s call centre solution to ensure everyone’s safety while also…..

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