Virtual Number-Why your business needs one

April 29, 2021
Virtual Number

Traditionally, phone numbers were tied to a physical location, specific phone, device, or office. These phone numbers were designed to work for a single phone which is physically connected via a public switched telephone network (PSTN). In cases where businesses need to have more than one phone number, they either have to add a new phone number or an on-premises PBX for routing calls. Traditional business phone systems require hosting a PBX system, a switchboard, clunky equipment, and telephone lines that become complex and expensive over time. The emergence of Virtual Numbers has paved the way to overcome the limitations of traditional phone numbers.

Unlike traditional phone numbers, virtual phone numbers are flexible and are not physically bound to a location, phone line, or device.

What is a Virtual Number?

Virtual Number is also known as Direct Inward Dialing numbers (DIDs) or Access Numbers, which do not require any physical line or hardware to make and receive calls.

A virtual phone number is often employed to route calls to the user’s actual phone number, incoming calls forwarding to multiple phones, and enable long-distance service without incurring long-distance charges.

Let’s look at how your business can benefit from using virtual numbers.

Connect multiple business locations with one business number. For businesses with multiple office branches, a virtual number can act as a bridge to unite distributed staff. You can route calls based on the caller’s location to your office’s nearest location or remote working employees.

International Local Presence

Businesses can deploy virtual Numbers based on the area code in different cities or states, allowing foreign companies to establish a local presence where they’re not physically located while reducing the cost of your incoming calls. Customers are more likely to make and receive calls from local numbers whose area code they recognize.

Measure and optimize Sales, Marketing, Or Advertising Campaign performance.

You must measure the effectiveness of the sales, marketing, or advertising campaigns with the right metrics for better ROI. You can assign a unique virtual phone number to each campaign you are running. Based on the reports generated on each campaign, businesses can make data-driven decisions to achieve their business objective.

Direct Inward Dialing

Businesses can assign each employee their virtual phone number, and with the aid of Direct Inward Dialing (DID), they can route calls directly to their extension. DID allows callers to skip a queue and ring directly someone they want to get in touch with.

Virtual Numbers are becoming quite popular among businesses and individuals and are on the rise due to their secure, reliable, scalable, cost-effective off-premises technology services. You can port your existing business number into a new virtual service. While business expands, you can pick new numbers or swap out old ones as per your business requirement.

Virtual Number enables businesses to broaden their reach, route & forward calls quickly, and improve Customer Experience, thereby benefiting business. If you are looking to add a Virtual Number to your company and are confused, contact us today at [email protected] to get a virtual number for your business.

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